How do I get started?

Just contact us. We'll walk you through the merch design process, the product mix, and we'll get your approval on the store front so it ties in with your site. We'll even design a graphical link for you to place on your site to the store so you can drive traffic to the store.

How much margin should I add to the products in my store?

It really depends on your goal. If you are using the merchandise to drive brand/message awareness, we recommend that you reduce the margin (~10%) so you sell more. If you are a non-profit looking to enhance your donations, we have found that very large margins work because the shoppers are happy to pay more if they know the profits are going to a good cause. Wherever you sit between these two, there is a sweet spot between selling alot at a low price and a little at a high price. We'll work with you leveraging our experience with our many stores to start your margin in the right area and adjust based on performance.

How does ScratchDog make money?

We don't get payed unless you get payed. Our operations partners offer volume bonuses that aren't meaningful for small to medium sized stores because the bonuses don't kick in until a store sells over $5k a month in some cases. It's by aggregating thousands of small to medium sized stores that we are able to get our overall sales to meet the minimums for the volume bonuses.

Why don't I just do it myself?

The truth is managing merchandise bulk editing tools, css, product mix, and analytics aren't impossible to do yourself. But by leveraging our storebuilding skills at no upfront cost, it really is worth a try.

What if my site or logo changes?

We'll work with you to get your store updated. We here for you.

When do I get payed?

Our different operations partners have different terms for paying out. Generally though, we will pay out within a few weeks of getting payed ourselves.

How do returns and credit card processing work?

We partner with the only the best store hosting sites in the market (Zazzle, Threadless, Cafe Press). Scratch Dog leverages these top tier companies' operations including shipping, returns and credit card processing to ensure that your product is delivered securely and reliably.